Damage to greens
Hi All,
We are currently having some trouble with the cut holes. Essentially they are being damaged quite regularly. Perhaps this is because of the new rule on putting with the flag in, or perhaps it is because some of us are getting lazy.
Please, if your ball is in the hole, there are only 2 ways of getting it out:
  1.  Using your hand
  2. Buying a suction cup for your putter and using that.
We should never be using the head of the putter to flick the ball out and we should be carefully removing the flagstick before getting the ball out, not ripping the flag stick out the flick the ball out. 
Please, do your part to look after our greens so that everyone can enjoy the game.
Secondly, apparently someone is taking the liberty to move the flag to the alternative hole occasionally. This may well be a mistake, but please make sure the flag goes back into the correct hole after finishing it.
Your cooperation in these matters will be appreciated, and will help make to improve the experience of all golfers who play on our course.
Dave Seager 
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