Te Awamutu Golf Club

What is the Golf norm these days?
Well from tomorrow on;
-   we get to play in extended bubbles (family, friends, warts and all), albeit at a safe distance from each other.
-   we get to sit down together in the clubhouse for lunch and a drink, albeit at a safe distance from each other.
-   we get to say hi to the staff and caterers, albeit at a safe distance from each other. 
Isnt Golf a great social leveller - it's the norm these days.
-   Masks are mandatory indoors, except when eating and drinking.
-   Only 50 people at one time in the Clubhouse
At least we get to play normal golf, scorecards, great/or not so great scoring - we get to play our beloved game. 
Alert Level 2 Golf - Golf NZ will publish the official guidelines this afternoon once the regulations for sport and recreation are set by the government.  At this stage, the only real changes from last year are the mandatory mask wearing and limited amount of people allowed to congregate (in the clubhouse). Once we know, you will know.
In the meantime, lets get swinging as we look forward to proper golf tomorrow. 
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