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Managers Notes
Captains Log
On Course
Waipa Juniors
2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Day #2
Waipa Challenge
Lessons With Marnie McGuire
Scramble Credits and New Vouchers
Driving Range and Carts
Centenary Foursomes
Cricket Cup- Men's Comp
Up and Coming at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club
Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Shop Deals

Managers Notes
Hi All,
Coring is done and Autumn has began.
Club season has started and we are starting to see all your faces again, which is great!
We have had a few changes over the summer,
Mary has started in the shop and bar, we have had a change to our catering with Excel Catering doing our food for us, Bill is back on board and we have got our new out front mower!!
The men's pennant season has started with the Ladies Championship team playing Hamilton 1 on Sunday to start their season off.
Our Men's Championship Div 2 Pennant side has got off to a cracking start with 2 wins.
Our Prebble Cup side moves into the 2nd round after a good won over Raglan.
Our 2 Matchplay Handicap sides have had a mixed bag with Zone A team strating with a loss and our Zone c Team having a win and a lost.
Our programme books have arrived for everyone to pick up, when you have paid your 2016 Sub. 
Marnie McGuire started her Tuesday lessons on the 1st of March. Give her a call or text if you would like to book a lesson on 027 504 1681
$45 for half an hour or $80 for an hour.
There are also group lessons available, so talk to Marnie if you're interested.
Remember to check the website or our programme to see whats coming up. Dates are also on the whiteboard that's in our clubhouse and in the holders on the tables.

Captains Log
Men's Captain- John Troutbeck
The 2016 golfing year is well underway now. Despite a clash with Pennants, Opening day went off well with a lot more people than was expected.

We welcome a number of new full members;

·John Staples
·Howard Wynyard
·Greg Edge
·Fraser Bayley
·Te Amohau Atutahi
·Adam Quigley
·Mary Wano
·Christine Ball
·Ricky and Cheryl Neal

Plus a number of summer and junior members.
I’m sure you will be made to feel very welcome in our club; please make yourself known to me when the opportunity arises.

Don’t forget our working bee this coming Sunday. (We will be having four working bees through the year.) They are a good opportunity to meet other members socially, and to get a lot of those small jobs done in one hit.  See you there.

We have a great club with the course  playing well despite the dry. The cored greens
should bounce back quickly after recent rain.

See you on the course.

Ladies Club Captain- Barb O'Regan
We had a good field on our opening day, 37 played 9 holes, then had lunch.
We had two life members there Olwyn Fallwell and Anne Waters. It was great to see them both.
We had a new member come along and start playing with our Wednesday ladies and we welcome any ladies to come up on a Wednesday.
Our Saturday Ladies started on the 20th, so hope they are going to have a good year also.
Good Golf For 2016
Barb O'Regan

On Course
If your are free this Sunday, we have a working bee that starts at 8am.
Our green Keepers with help from our volunteers have just finished coring our greens, lets hope for a speedy recovery.
Thanks to all our amazing volunteers who help us keep the course looking amazing.
Remember when your out playing to repair your divots and pitch marks.
Lets show all our visitors, how much we look after our golf course. 

Waipa Juniors
We have an amazing 35 Juniors in our programme. 
All our coaches that are helping, thanks heaps.
If your kicking around and not doing much on a Monday between 3.45 and 5 please come and help us. 

2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Day #2
We have our 1st interclub against Stewart Alexander on the 13th of March.
We will be running a Gener8 $100 Day
Entry $20
Lots of prizes to be won.
Please tick your name or phone the golf club if you would like to play. The board is by the bar with your name on it.

Waipa Challenge
Start thinking about your teams of 4 for the Waipa Challenge.
This is an open tournament that is played at Cambridge and Te Awamutu Golf Courses.
36 holes
2 days
May 28th and 29th.
Teams entered by Te Awamutu Members last year took home most of the prizes.
Entry forms will be out soon. 

Lessons With Marnie McGuire
We are very lucky to have Marnie coaching at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club this year.
 Marnie started on the 1st of March.
She is here every Tuesday from 9.30am to 7.30pm
Half a hour lessons are $45
Hour lessons are $80
There are group lesson options, talk to Marnie about this.
Please ring her to book in now
027 504 1681

Scramble Credits and New Vouchers
As many of our members are now aware we have gone away from our credit system for your scramble winnings.
One of the biggest reasons why we have changed our system.
-We couldn't hold such a big liability on our books. If everyone wanted to withdraw their credits at one time, we wouldn't be able to do it. (As said by our reviewer of our accounts)
We have gone to a voucher system which many other clubs are doing.
If you win any money in a scramble now, you will be printed out a voucher that can be used in our golf club.
Examples of what your voucher can buy:
-anything at the bar
-anything in the shop
-you can put it on your subs
-you can enter one of our tournaments or scrambles
-you can buy anything though our tills that we have to sell.
-I can order in golf shoes, clubs, rain jackets, anything golf related.
There is lots you can buy with these.
Two catches, there is a expire date.
It's 6 months from when it was issued or used last 
You also can't get any change with your Voucher, there will be another voucher that will print with whats left.
If anyone has any questions at all please come up and talk to me or ring me. 
I hope everyone enjoys their vouchers. 

Driving Range and Carts
Its hot or wet or your tired and you want to get around in quickly. Remember we have carts and its only $20 for 18 holes for our members.
We have them so you might as well use them.
Ring in to book a cart before your round or you might miss out.
Our Livingstone Driving range looks great with its new signage and its so cheap for all our members. $4 for 40 balls or $10 for 120 balls.
We have heaps of good mats and heaps of tees down there. It's ready for you to improve your golf.

If you haven't entered the 2016 shootout, get in and pay your $20 now. Start entering those rounds. We have got a really solid leader board for the Men. You have until the last week of November to put 3 amazing Nett scores in.
Get in to the top 19 today. 

Centenary Foursomes
The 2016 Centenary Foursomes Draw is now up, please take a moment to look at
it, see who you are playing and when the first round has to be played by and also contact your opponents to discuss anyone being away or tied up with other golfing commitments or whatever and make a tentative date to play.   Also can you please pay the $15 entry fee
per couple BEFORE the first match.
This would be greatly appreciated to help the smooth running of the competition.  

Cricket Cup- Men's Comp
The 2016 Cricket Cup entry sheet is up,
This is a 4 ball best ball Matchplay over 18 holes.
A Senior golfer +4-16 partners with a Junior 17-36.
Put your names up today. 

Pennants is well under way for the men and just starting for the ladies.
Good luck to everyone that represents our club this year.
Men's Div 2, 2 wins out of 2
 Next match on the 6th of March Vs Pereoa @ Pereoa
Matchplay Pennants
Zone A, 0 wins out of 1
Next match on the 3rd of April vs Putaruru @ Gener8 Te Awamutu
Zone C, 1 win out of 2
Next match on the 6th of March vs Hamilton @ Riverside
Ladies Champion Div 1 Start this Sunday vs Hamilton 1 @ Piopio Aria
Good Luck 

Up and Coming at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club
5 SaturdayW. R1 L.G.U, R1 Doris Walker, R1 Booth Jug
9 WednesdayW. R1 L.G.U, R1 Doris Walker, W. 9 Hole Josie Pollard          Twilight
12 Saturday1st R1 Nancy McCormack
13 SundayCLUB DAY 2: R2 Newton And Railway Cup. Stewart Interclub/TA$100
14 MondayW. Association Day @ Te Awamutu
16 WednesdayW. R1 Nancy McCormack/W. 9 Hole R1 Raie Green Salver  Twilight
19 SaturdayW.R2 Nancy McCormick Foursomes
23 WednesdayW.R2 Nancy McCormick Foursomes/9 Hole R1 9 Hole Stableford              Twilight
26 SaturdayW.Rabbits
30 WednesdayW.Rabbits                       Final Twilight
1 FridayBunnings Golf Day
2 SaturdayW.R2 L.G.U, Qualifying Storey Rosebowl/Russell Jug, Coronation Medal
3 SundayDaylight Savings Men's Handicap Pennants Pool A and C (84players)
6 WednesdayW.R2 L.G.U, Qualifying Storey Rosebowl/Russell Jug, Coronation Medal/9 Hole Josie Pollard
8 FridayCommsafe (Course Closed)
9 SaturdayPaperplus Fun Run (course closed till 11.30am)W.R2 Booth Jug
10 SundayCLUB DAY 3: R3 Newton and Railway. Baddage Trophy (stbfd) R1 Cucksey Shield
11 MondayW. 9 Hole Tournament13WednesdayW. 9 Hole R2 Raie Green Salver
15 FridayMitre 10 Mega Golf Day
16 SaturdayW.R1 Vi Print Tray, R1 Mason Shield, National Team Qualifying
17 SundayR3 Woman's Championship Pennants@Te Awamutu
20 WednesdayW.R1 Vi Print Tray, R1 Mason Shield, National Team Qualifying/9 Hole R2 Stableford
25MondayW.R1 Storey Rosebowl to be completed
29Friday9 Hole Weekday Pennants @Te Awamutu30SaturdayW.R3 L.G.U, R1 Eunice Regan Jug
1 SundayR7 Men's Championship Pennants @Te Awamutu
4 WednesdayW.R3 L.G.U, R1 Eunice Regan Jug/9 Hole R3 Josie Pollard
7SaturdayW.R2 Mason Shield, R3 Booth Jug, R2 Vi Print Tray
8 SundayCLUB DAY 4: R4 Newton and Railway Cup. R2 Cucksey Shield.
9 MondayW.Pairs Tournament
11 WednesdayW.R2 Mason Shield, R3 Booth Jug, R2 Vi Print Tray/9 Hole R3 Raie Green
14 SaturdayW.R2 Doris Walker Cup, R4 Booth Jug, R3 Vii Print Tray
15 SundayW.R2 Storey Rosebowl to be completed
18 WednesdayW.R2 Doris Walker Cup, R4 Booth Jug, R3 Vii Print Tray
20 FridayWaikato Womens Vets
21 SaturdayW.R1 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R4 Vi Print Tray
22 SundayR2 Weekend Pennants @ Te Awamutu
25 WednesdayW.R1 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R4 Vi Print Tray/9 Hole R4 Josie Pollard
28 SaturdayWaipa Challenge 36 Holes
29 SundayWaipa Challenge 36 Holes
30 MondayW.R3 Storey Rosebowlto be completed
Each Sunday we have a scramble if there isn't a tournament 
Each Tuesday we have a $10 Midweek 
When the course is closed we have reciprocal rights at Stewart Alexander Golf Club. 

Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Shop Deals
For this month we have got 40% off shoes in stock
If you are looking for a GPS, we are doing the Bushnell Neo Ghost for $220 (usually $259)
Let me know if you would like one and i can order one in for you. 
We just had one of our members fitted for some new Cobra clubs,
If you would like to do the same, Come in and talk to Matt and he will organise it for you. 
Or if you just want to order Cobra Clubs or Puma Golf Gear, we can do a deal for you. Come in and see Matt. 
We also do Grips, Ask at the counter if you need a grip done.
Grip prices are between $15-$40 each. 
Te Awamutu Golf Club
07 8715661
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