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Managers Notes
Ladies teams Tournament, Waikato Foursomes, Daffodil day, Gener8 Te Awamutu Maori Golf Open, our Matchplay Club Championships and King Country Championships are all coming up in the next two months. 
I know everyone is over the rain, we really don't need anymore. But we are still getting good numbers to our Club Days. It's been great to see everyone turning up.
Please get your entries in for the Ladies Teams Tournament and Waikato Foursomes ASAP everyone.
King Country Championships are here this year.
If you would like to play, please write your name on the sign up sheets.

Captains Log
The weather has had a big impact on golf over this month, and the course has been quite ‘soft’ in places. In spite of this we have still had good fields with some pretty good scoring.
Over the past 3 weeks we have been trialing a new course layout. Reasoning behind the trial was part of a
longer-term strategy to continually improve what we are doing in order to ensure our place going forward.
I have certainly enjoyed playing the new layout, and  have had a lot of positive feedback around the change.
Before any decision is made for a longer-term change we want to hear your views and suggestions.
We have had a brief survey at the bar over the past 3 weeks, and we will be emailing out another survey for members to complete and return. Once this is complete we will call a meeting where members can have their say and
put forward their views.
Then the committee will make a decision regarding any permanent change.
Note:- please do not park in the disabled car-parks at the club-house.
 These must be kept free for emergency vehicles and those that are disabled.
Only committee and service vehicles should be parking up the club-house.
Happy Golfing 

New Course layout
I hope everyone has enjoyed trying this out for the last 3 weeks.
Thank you for the feed back from everyone on the new course layout trial.
You can still fill out the feed back form's that are on the bar. 
Please follow the link to fill out our online survey. So we can get even more information on your opinions. 
Course layout survey
There is also going to be a discussion meeting held about our course layout.
The date will be confirmed soon.
Please put all your questions in writing and give them to the office. At the discussion meeting we will try to answer all of your questions.
This meeting is not for a vote on changing it. It is to inform and answer all the questions that our members have all together.

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Scrambles
Don't forget we run scrambles every week. 
Wednesday- 11.30am till 1pm Scramble $8
Saturday - LOW COST ALL DAY $5 SCRAMBLE, two's included.
Sunday- 8am-11.30am $8 scramble. Two's and NEC included.

Ladies teams Tournament August 1st
We have a Ladies teams tournament on Monday the 1st of August.
The poster is attached,
Pass it on to all the Lady golfers you know. 

Waikato Foursomes
The entries have been coming in already.
We are close to filling half the field.
20th and 21st of August
54 holes, 36 Saturday and 18 Sunday
Foursome strokeplay
$100 a Pair
For a full field- 3 Men's Divisions and 2 ladies Divisions(if we have enough ladies for that)
Poster and entry form attached. 

Awards night with Steve Williams
On the 8th of October, we will be holding an awards night to honor our 2016 Club Champions.
The tickets will be $75 each
Our Special guess speaker is Steve Williams (Amazing caddie to some of the worlds best golfers)
Tickets will be on sale soon,
Our members will have a 6 week window to buy there tickets, after that we will release them so the public can buy tickets.
For your $75 you will get a great night out with a meal and the company of Steve Williams.
You don't want to miss this one.

Results from last week- Colin Green 11th to 17th of July
Women-- Stbfd   33 Rewa Hawira
Men--- Gross  71 Aaron Van Der Poel
Nett   63 Martin Reid
Stbfd  37 Matt Schofield  Mick Mc'Connell Bill Hawira
36 Alan Goodwin
35 Trevor Walters
Twos Pool-- Martin Reid (2) Scott Hill  Sonny Te Kanawa
Hidden hole -- Martin Reid
Nett ---          
73 Dale Spiers
75 Gina Howell   Petsy Ralph                
76 Elaine Troutbeck  Glennis Kay
77 Raewyn Coleman
Twos Pool  -- Angela Thomson  Gina Howell
--   149  Jill Morgan        r/up   171    Jan Mandeno
BRONZE 1  --  
191   Petsy Ralph        r/up   188   Thora Young
--   219  Christine Lloyd  r/up  225   Anne Rhodes
144 Jill Morgan     r/up  150   Pauline Chisholm
Bronze 1        
144 Thora Young   r/up   145  Petsy Ralph
Bronze 2      
160  Sue Gower       r/up 163 Christine Lloyd
-- 34 Pat Mandeno
    35 Phillipa Wood
    36 Nan Poppe
    39 Linda McFall  Ann Dobson  Robin Watson   Kathlyn Rose
33 Les Common
31 Alastair Waters  Ian Poole
30 Roy Greenhalgh  Sid Lim
38 Ani Bahler
37 Sally Davies
34 Toni Coleman c/b
Twos Pool -- Ani Bahler
Hidden hole --Gina Howell
Interclub at Stewart Alexander
It was a close one.
We just dipped out by .5 of a point. 

Results from last week- Colin Green
Summary of Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf
results for week ending Sunday, July 24
Tuesday-19/7 Open Midweek Scramble
Women -- Stbfd 35 Sylva Gooch
Men --      
Gross 75 Tracey Mulligan
Nett  66 Scott Hill 
Stbfd 39 John staples          
34 Percy Kapa
Twos Pool-- Scott Hill Tracey Mulligan
Hidden hole-- Clyde Graf Scott Hill   Trevor Walters
Wednesday- 20/7 Womens Golf- Scramble
nett  69 Elizabeth Mac'pherson
72 Anne Rhodes        
73 Dale Spiers        
78 Maureen Fraser
Twos Pool -- Rewa Hawira
NINE HOLE DIVISION --- no results.
Thursday-- 21/7  Best of the vets -- v  Waikato Eagles--Pinfold tray
40 Richard Woodward t/a                      
39 Eric Mills     E
38 Roy Chadwick   E 
37 Graeme Tait     E  Alan Goodwin  t/a  Kerry Jensen  E
36 Brian Shaw      E  Michael Coleman  E Keith Wilson E Colin Green     E Richard Hall  E Ian Poole  t/a
52 starters -- trophy  winners -
Eagles 330 pts from 10  drawn cards
Te Awamutu Vets 301 pts     ..     ...      
...         ...
Nett --             74 Toni Coleman c/b  Thora Young
75 Ani Bahler
gross -- 77 Clinton Rowe
nett  -- 66   Stephen Douglas
stbfd -- 39 Toni Coleman
36 Robert Wetere  
35 Gordon Kirkham  Edward Kay
twos pool --- Toni Coleman Craig Douglas  Clinton Rowe Edward Kay Matt Schofield

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