Waipa Juniors
We have an awesome junior programme available to children from 5 years and older. Our Waipa Juniors programme is available every term to the first 30 who register. It is run by all volunteers from within the Te Awamutu Golf Club and is an exciting and fun way for all children to have a go at golf.
Waipa Juniors is run on a Monday from 4pm until 5pm and runs for 6 Mondays during term time. The 2nd week of each school term we start junior coaching.
We have an amazing group of volunteers from the Te Awamutu golf club to help your children get into golf and have a go and learn some new skills.
The Waipa Juniors main focus in the beginning is all about finding out if your children would like to start playing golf and then we help to get them on the right track. They learn new skills and all about etiquette and different golfing terms and getting out on the course and having a go.
The programme has been going for 12 terms now with help from Marnie MaGuire and Waikato Golf.
We now have Junior tees at Te Awamutu Golf Course! 
They are rated and our Waipa Junior Members can now get a handicap.
It's $50 a term for each child.
or $180 for a Waipa Junior Member
For enquiries Call Te Awamutu Golf Club 07 871 5661.