Update from Greenkeepers,
To the members of Te Awamutu Golf Club,
Given that golf is somewhat returning to normal, I (Clint) thought it would be useful to provide an update on the state of the course and how we are placed moving forward.
Firstly I will address a couple of questions that I can see coming:
Why do the tees look yellow/sick ? And why haven’t the surrounds been cut in a while?
- The reels on our tees and surrounds mower have been on there last legs for a while now and have finally given up on us. We had made a plan to replace them, however COVID has put a delay on the arrival of the parts needed to complete this task. We hope to receive the remaining parts next week. For this reason, we haven’t been able to cut surrounds and I have applied a growth regulator to the Tees to stunt the growth as we are also unable to cut them. This is also the mower we use to define the fairway edges.
Why are the flags falling off the flagsticks?
- We are very aware of the state of the cups, pins and flags. A full new set was ordered 2 months ago. This week we received the new cups and pins, however we are still waiting on the new flags to arrive. When this happens we will put them out on course, much to everyones delight I’m sure. Apologies, you will have to put up with sloppy pins and cable tied flags for just a wee bit longer.
The next point to address -
As a result of the windy conditions these past few days, we have had a fair amount of branches come down and debris scattered all over the course from trees. Unfortunately this has been rather bad timing for myself as I have been out of action for a few days with a dodgy back. Mario and Trevor have been working hard to get the place cleaned up and to stay on top of the grass growth as best they can, however there are only so many hours in a week. There is likely to be areas of the course that are scruffy and un-mown over the weekend, we ask you to remain patient as we will get on top of things in the coming weeks. Given there are matchplay club champs to be played this weekend, management has decided to apply ‘placing thru the green’ to allow for debris from trees, damage around greens from coring and wet patches/long grass around greens.
Thank you for taking the time to read and rest assured that things are coming together slowly but surely in the background.
Happy Golfing,
Clint, Mario and Trevor.