Greens Sprinkler Damage
Dear Members,
In recent weeks our greens staff have had to replace quite a large number of sprinklers due to damage that can only be caused by twisting the sprinkler heads during operation. With the heat we are currently experiencing, damage to the sprinklers could lead to significant green damage.
Please, if you are playing golf and the sprinklers happen to turn on at the green you are playing, do not tamper with the sprinklers. You can either putt out and get wet or wait a few minutes for the sprinklers to switch off. If you happen to see other players tampering with the sprinkler heads, politely ask them to stop and / or report them to management.
Today, I was also notified that someone may have turned the mains switch off for the sprinkler system. Once again, this has the ability to cause damage to the sprinkler system that could be costly to fix. Again, if you see someone tampering with the equipment, ask them to stop and/or report them to the management.
Thanks for your support in this matter,
Dave Seager 
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