Terry Booth would like to advise that the Prebble Cup and Tolich Trophy will be postponed. 
He advises that on the back of the latest Alert Level announcement from the Government, Waikato Golf has postponed and subsequent push-back of dates by 2 weeks for the time-honoured 2021 Men's Interclub Prebble Cup/Tolich Trophy competition.
Accordingly the revised Schedule is as follows;
Revised Schedule;
Sunday 29th August, 1st Round Prebble Cup (POSTPONED) 
Sunday 12th September, 1st Round Prebble Cup (32 Teams split between 4 Courses, currently Te Awamutu, Walton, Paeroa & Hauraki) - It is anticipated, subject to agreement with the clubs (Te Awamutu) that we will remain a venue for the 1st round. This will be confirmed under separate cover.
Sunday 19th September, 2nd Round Prebble Cup, 1st Round Tolich Trophy (16 teams/Prebble Cup and 16 teams/Tolich Trophy)
Sunday 3rd October, 3rd Round Prebble Cup, 2nd Round Tolich Trophy (8 teams/Prebble Cup and 8 Teams/Tolich Trophy)
Sunday 17th October, Semi Finals both Prebble Cup and Tolich Trophy (4 teams each comp)
Sunday 24th October,  Grand Finals both Prebble Cup and Tolich Trophy  (2 teams each comp)
As you will note the only additional date is the 24th October, the other dates remain the same.
Waikato Golf will publish this announcement on their Website/Facebook, and will endeavour to keep us up to date in relation to Alert Levels but are banking on the Prebble Cup starting on 12th September.
In the meantime keep safe and stay home - we will be out on the courses soon.
Te Awamutu Golf Club 
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