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Te Awamutu Golf Club, in response to the Covid 19 Protection Framework RED (Traffic Light System) and member feedback, will be implementing a change to our vaccination policy.

As of Thursday 24 February 2022, all golfers, regardless of vaccination status, will be able to play golf only, at Te Awamutu Golf Club. The following will apply:


All people entering these areas must be fully vaccinated and provide their Vaccine Pass. Staff will use the Pass Verifier App to confirm this. All our staff are fully vaccinated.

All people must be seated and there will be no more than 100 seats available in each defined space. This means if all seats are taken the Club cannot legally serve you.

Masks to be worn into the Clubhouse and may be removed once seated.


Masks to be worn in the toilets – this is mandatory.


In general terms, the Club would like to support golfers who want to continue to play golf, but we also want to ensure total compliance with the Government’s legal requirements. This will mean that there will be restrictions for non-vaccinated members and visitors in terms of accessing the Club’s facilities in accordance with the RED and ORANGE TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM.

· Access onto the course only to play golf, and no entry into the clubhouse or facilities

· Please leave immediately after the last hole played

· You must book online or use the outside kiosk

· Masks must be always worn and can be removed while playing golf

· No entry allowed in the driving range

· No cart, trundler or club hire allowed

· Please be aware that club events and tournaments at Te Awamutu Golf Club will be restricted to vaccinated golfers if it’s determined that ensuring a safe environment requires this.

As a Club, we will do everything we can to accommodate and respect the differing points of view held by golfers.

Members and visitors must adhere to this policy and any abuse toward staff or volunteers will not be tolerated. Please do not be offended if the staff do not recognise you or you have been asked before for your Vaccine Pass. Our staff have been instructed to ask everyone on every occasion because Vaccine Passes expire.

The environment and legislation are constantly changing, and the Management Committee will continually monitor and adapt this policy when required.

The Club welcomes your help.

· Have your Vaccine Pass open and offer to show the staff

· Always wear your mask anytime you are not seated in the Clubhouse

· Please be kind to our staff and remember they don’t write the legislation

Gordon Kirkham & Management Committee

Te Awamutu Golf Club

Te Awamutu Golf Club
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