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Managers Notes
On Course
Waipa Juniors
Credits and Vouchers
Programme book and Dates
2016 Pennants
2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Open Day
2016 Waipa Classic
5 Main Tournaments
Price Increase
Livingstone Driving Range and golf Carts
New Members
Lessons With Marnie MaGuire
Sub Notice
Twilight and Teams Twilight
2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Ambrose Tournament
Up and Coming at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club
Its that time to get your clubs regripped
Working Bee

Managers Notes
Happy New Years everyone,   
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year.
Karina, Lucas and I welcomed a very cute little baby girl into the world on the Boxing day. Pippa-Ella Karen Schofield. 6 pound 8.
We have a full on start to 2016. Midweek has already started on Tuesdays, Vets days started on Thursdays and Our Club Scramble started on Sunday.
Remember to come along and support our mini Tournaments! We would love to see all of you at them. 
We had the Waikato Vets here on Thursday the 21st January. We had an awesome field of 80 enjoying the sunshine.
The Waipa Classic kicks off for long weekend on the 30th January, if you would like to enter this tournament, come in and fill out your entry forms at the club.
Our Club Opening day is on the 14th of February. There will be a draw with members names on it. It is up to you to tick your name to let us know you will play or cross your name off if you can't.
We are hoping to create a big club day on one Sunday of each month. We will do a draw and mix everyone up. Please support these days if you can.  
We have representative golf coming up. Please put your name up on the sign up sheets if you would like to play in these teams. The more members that would like to play the better.
We have a lot going on in the next few months, so come out and play in as much as you can this summer and enjoy the sunshine.
See you out there,
Club Manager. 

On Course
The fairways have burnt off, but our greens are amazing!
Course Placing: 15cm on own fairway
Please remember to repair your pitch marks, rake the bunkers and put your divots back.
We have an amazing course, lets show all our visitors how amazing it is and how we look after it.
Percy Kapa is organising a group of people to rake bunkers,
If you would like to be one of these people please let Percy know or give your name and number in to the office. 
Our working bee calendar will be finalised next week and I will give everyone the date to mark it on your calendars.
Thank you to Phil and Brendon for their awesome work and to all the other people who volunteer their time to keep our course looking amazing. 

Waipa Juniors
Attention all Junior coaches and  people that would like to be Junior coaches.
We need you!!!!
 We will give you all the tools you need to coach our clubs little up and coming golfers.
Please ring Matt on 07 871 5661 or email if you are keen or would like more information.
Waioa Juniors REGISTRATION is on the 15th of February from 4pm-5pm.
Waipa Juniors is $50 per term for just the programme, or we have a special deal for a membership AND programme which is $120. Contact Matt for more info and inclusions. 
Get in quick to register your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/anyone now as our programme is becoming so popular that last term our available spaces filled up very fast and we unfortunately had to turn away some registrations.
Registration form is attached. 

Credits and Vouchers
As many of you know already, we have stopped our credit system and gone to vouchers.
All remaining credits have been put onto everyone's subs for 2016.
If you win in a scramble you will now receive a voucher that can be redeemed at the Golf Club. You can use it towards anything that is for sale in the shop or bar.
I have got vouchers waiting for people to pick up,
Please come and get them if your name is below
Phil Martin
Gwenda Meeke
Jill Morgan
Narry Murtagh
Welby Murrell
Jacob Kingi
Raewyn Coleman
Wattie Franks
Murry Green
Irene Grey
Steve Hudson
Peter Hogg
Mick Henderson
Bob Longden
Ross Riddell
Paul Schofield
Ted Tauroa
Jim Tauroa
Sue Thompson
Michael Williams
Te Arepa Wano
Howard Wynyard
Travor Walters
Thora Young
Just remember each voucher has a 6 month expiry date. 

Programme book and Dates
Our new Programme book will hopefully be here by Opening day.
When they do come in, you will be able to pick them up at the golf shop. I will let you know when they are available. 
Our Te Awamutu Opening Day is on the 14th of February. 

2016 Pennants
To all golfers that would like to play club pennants this year, please put your names down on the list that is on the notice board.
The first round of Championship pennants and Matchplay pennants starts on the 14th of February. 
So please put your names up now so we can organise our teams. 

2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Open Day
Allow images
We have our club a new naming sponsor!
We welcome Craig and Gener8 to Te Awamutu Golf Club.
Our Opening Day is on the 14th of February.
We play for the Summer Cup, which is combined Stableford
We are doing it a little differently this year,
We will print off a list of every 18 hole member that we have and its up to you to cross your name out or tick it. The board with everyone's names is on the bar.
We would love to have as many club members come to our monthly club days as possible.
We will do a draw 1 week out from each Club day.
Our Gener8 Club Day dates are:
14th of February, Opening Day, Summer Cup. R1 Railway and Newton Cup
13th of March, Interclub with Stewart @TA,  R2 Railway and Newton Cup
10th April, Baddage Trophy(stableford) R1 Cucksey Shield. R3 Railway and Newton Cup
8th May, R2 Cuckley Shield.R4 Railway and Newton Cup
12th June, R1 Club Championship Strokeplay. R5 Railway and Newton Cup
10th July, Interclub with Riverside@TA. R1 Bertram Cup. R6 Railway and Newton Cup
14th August, R2 Bertram Cup. R7 Railway and Newton Cup
11th September, R2 Mens Matchplay
9th October, Morpeth Vases
13th November, Storey and Walker Rosebowl
Please support these days.
On these days we will run a $15 scramble and also have Gener8 Twos, Sponsored by Gener8. 
We will still be running a scramble each Sunday of the month. 

2016 Waipa Classic
If you haven't entered yet, come in and fill in an entry form an d pay the entry fee.
You can do all of this at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club.
It will be a cracker weekend.
Entry Form is attached. 

5 Main Tournaments
Mark these dates in your calendar for 2016!!
These are our 5 big tournaments that we would love everyone to support.
28th and 29th of May, Waipa Chellenge @ Te Awamutu and Cambridge
19th of June, Grener8 Te Awamutu Open
20th and 21st of August, Waikato Foursomes
10th of September, Gener8 Te Awamutu Maori Open
19th and 20th of November, Heathcotes Matchplay Mixed Foursomes
The entry fee for each varies between $25 to $90.
Remember you can use your vouchers to pay your entry fees. 
Please support the club and Play in these tournaments. 

Price Increase
You will notice in the coming weeks that we will be increasing our prices for drinks in the bar and shop.
We have been avoiding increases for a while but now we will be putting them up a little due to cost increases from our suppliers.

Livingstone Driving Range and golf Carts
You would have seen our new marker signs and Livingstone sign in the range.
Isn't our range looking amazing?
Remember it is there for you to use. Please support your club by purchasing tokens at the golf club or Stirling Sports Te Awamutu and NOT picking up balls in the range to hit.
Member Prices
40 balls $4
80 balls $7
120 balls $10
Pretty cheap prices. 
We have 8 Golf carts available which cost only $20 for 18 holes. Where possible please book a cart to avoid missing out on the day.

New Members
We have had quite a few new members join up,
Please make them feel Welcome
Kerry Jensen
Keith Aylward
Kate Cash
James Charlton
Brett Christopher
Corey Davison
Kate Owens
Coinny Ashmore
Chrissy Cullen
Pieter Dorssers
Katrina Bassett
Chissi Borrie
Robyn Morgan
Mark Wells
Lyn Cessford
Cindy Dearing
Shane Eckersley
John Stapes
Mary Wano
Howard Wynyard
Raymond Brain
Greg Edge
Eileen Macky
Michael Macky
Cheryl Neal
Ricky Neal
Please if you see any new faces, make them feel welcome and help them out if they need you to.

Lessons With Marnie MaGuire
We are very lucky to have Former LPGA Professional Marnie here at Te Awamutu Golf Club.
Marnie is going to be here every Tuesday starting from the 2nd of February.
She will run bookings through the golf club. So book your lessons in today.
$80 for an hour Lesson, $45 half an hour lesson.
She will also do a members only group session on the first two weeks of each month.
Ladies Group sessions March 1st 9.30am to 11.30pm
                                                       and 5.30pm to 7.30pm 
Men's Group sessions  March 8th 9.30am to 11.30pm
                                                      and 5.30pm to 7.30pm
These group session will be groups of Five and will be $50pp for each 2 hour session. 
Book yourself in today.
Ring the Golf Club on 07 871 5661 

Sub Notice
Subs Notices will come out within the next week.
Any credits that were left over from last year have gone straight on to your subs.
If you pay your full sub by the end of February, you can get a discount. 

Twilight and Teams Twilight
Twilight starts on the 3rd of February with the teams starting on the same day.
The teams are,
Teams of 4
$100 entry
3 out of 4 scores count per week.
6 out of 7 rounds count
There will be a twilight scramble each Wednesday also for $5.
Team entry form is attach,
Enter Now. 

2016 Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Ambrose Tournament
We are running an ambrose tournament on the 26th of February,
Teams of 3 with entry $25 each player.
We will have a BBQ,
Haggle hole,
Longest drive
Closest to the pin
Each team must have at least 2 Affiliated members with a handicap.
Poster attached 

Allow images
Yes it has started and yes the Men's shootout has already got 34 entries.
$20 will see you get 5 rounds and then after that pay $2 each round.
Get involved in the best day at our club.
If you don't know about the shootout, come and talk to Matt. 

Up and Coming at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club
30 Saturday Waipa Classic (Pirongia)
31Sunday Waipa Classic (Stewart)
1 Monday Waipa Classic (Te Awamutu)
3Wednesday Twilight
10Wednesday Twilight
14SundayCLUB DAY 1: Open Day. R1 Newton Cup And Railway Cup Summer Cup
24WednesdayTwilight        Ladies Opening Day 9 hole Lunch
26Friday4 Man Ambrose (Club Run)
27Saturday Opening Day Saturday Ladies
29Monday Coring (course closed) Range open
1TuesdayCoring (course closed) Range Open
2WednesdayCoring (course closed) Range Open
5SaturdayW. R1 L.G.U, R1 Doris Walker, R1 Booth Jug
6 Sunday Working Bee (start at 8am) 
9WednesdayW. R1 L.G.U, R1 Doris Walker, W. 9 Hole R2 Josie Pollard                           Twilight
12Saturday1st R1 Nancy McCormack
13SundayCLUB DAY 2: R2 Newton And Railway Cup. Stewart Interclub/TA$100
14MondayW. Association Day @ Te Awamutu
16WednesdayW. R1 Nancy McCormack/W. 9 Hole R1 Raie Green Salver                           Twilight
18FridayBunnings Golf Day
19SaturdayW.R2 Nancy McCormick Foursomes
23WednesdayW.R2 Nancy McCormick Foursomes/9 Hole R1 9 Hole Stableford              Twilight
30WednesdayW.Rabbits                                                                                     Final Twilight

Its that time to get your clubs regripped
When was the last time your clubs got regripped?
The golfing world tell us you need to get your clubs regripped at least once a year if you play twice a week.
You can get that done at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club.
Get your clubs regripped for $15-$40 a club.
See Matt in the office. 

Working Bee
Mark these dates in your Calendar for 2016
Working Bee dates,
Start at 8am
March 6th
May 22nd
August 7th
November 6th
We will have a list of job at each working bee. 
Te Awamutu Golf Club
07 8715661
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