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Manager Notes
Captains Log
Queens Birthday Weekend
On Course
Lessons With Marnie McGuire
Club Championships
Gener8 Te Awamutu Open
Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Midwinter Midweek
Cricket Cup- Men's Comp
Change of Course layout
Results from last week- Colin Green
Reminders and Course closures
US PGA and LPGA Live at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club

Manager Notes
Great to see so many people playing golf this year.
Our busy winter has started. We have Club Championship Strokeplay,
Midwinter Midweek and Gener8 Te Awamutu Open this month. I hope you have
cleared your weekends for all the golf that you’re going to be playing.
Thanks to all the members that have said how awesome our
course is. Brendon and Phil are doing an amazing job out there. We all are very
thankful. As are our valued volunteers keeping the gardens and everything nice around the course too.
Remember to enter the scrambles everyone. We run a Tuesday
Midweek, Wednesday ladies, Wednesday scramble, Thursday Vets, Saturday Ladies,
Saturday scramble and our Sunday Scramble. That is one way we can all support the
The Men’s shootout is heating up. The pool is over $2000
already. If any businesses or person would like to sponsor the shootout. It’s
only $50 for the Men’s or $50 for the ladies. Your business name will go on the
shootout boards for the year.
Good luck for Club Championships everyone.

Captains Log
The golden autumn is well and truly over. The recent weather has already had an impact with the postponement of the Waipa Challenge last weekend. We will be trying to organise new dates for this later in the year.
The course has been closed on a number of days through the autumn due to pennants, Kiwipro, and a number of business events.
I realise that this has at times been an inconvenience to members, however the benefits of these events to our club have been immense.
We have had fantastic feedback from Pennants players from around the region, from the Kiwipro golfers, and from Waikato Golf.
Word gets around that we have a great course, and a great friendly club which can only be good for us.
The course has been in great condition, so thanks must go to Brendon and Phil for the
hours they put in for our benefit.
We have a number of new members to the club; I’m sure you will make  them feel very welcome,  and I’m sure they will enjoy our great club.
New members are;
·Andrew Beban
·Keith Hedges
·Shane Rose
·Joshua Te Brake
·Stuart Yarndley
·Brogan King
·Steffan Haua
·Dario Kabigting
Thanks must also go to all the committee for the work they have done to make the events at the course a success.
Don’t forget the Te A Open coming up on the 19th June, and club champs starting in June.
Happy Golfing.

Queens Birthday Weekend
Lots of golf over Queens Birthday weekend.
We have a
$8 Saturday Scramble 
$8 Sunday Scramble
$10 Monday scramble
Come out and enjoy this amazing golf course. 

On Course
Our golf course is looking amazing after that rain and the frosts have arrived..
Thanks heaps to Brendon and Phil for the huge amount of work you guys put into the course.
Thank you to all the volunteers that also put a lot of time and energy into the course.
Remember to repair your pitch marks and replace your divots so our course can remain amazing. 

Lessons With Marnie McGuire
We are very lucky to have Marnie coaching at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club this year.
Marnie started on the 1st of March.
She is here every Tuesday from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Half an hour lessons are $45
Hour lessons are $80
There are group lesson options too, talk to Marnie about this
Please ring her to
book in now
027 504 1681 

Club Championships
Our Men's and Ladies Club Championships start on the weekend of the 11th of June.
Strokeplay Ladies- 3 Rounds of Strokeplay
First weekend
Saturday 11th of June
Wednesday 15th of June
2nd Weekend
Saturday 18th of June
Wednesday 22nd of June
Third Weekend
Saturday 25th of June
Wednesday 29th of June
Strokeplay Men's- You will need to nominate your 3 rounds of Strokeplay by pushing the button on the card computer. You have 3 weekends to play your 3 rounds.
11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of June.
The Matchplay will be in September. This will be decided on handicap index with division of more than 16 will then have to play a qualifying round the week before the 1st round.

Gener8 Te Awamutu Open
Our Gener8 Te Awamutu Open is on June the 19th.
It will be a 2 tee start,
Gross, Nett and stableford prizes
2 Division's (maybe 3 if we have the numbers) for the Men
1 Division (maybe 2 if we have the numbers) for the Ladies.
$30 entry
Prizes by Titleist and Footjoy. 
Flier is attached.

Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club Midwinter Midweek
We have changed the date for our Midweek Midwinter Xmas as it clashed with Stewart Alexander.
Our Midwinter midweek is now on Tuesday the 7th of June.
$25 Entry
Gross, Nett and  Stableford 
2 Point jackpot ($300)
Two's (Pro v1s)
Hidden hole
Book your fours in today.
If we get good numbers the prizes will be bags, umbrella's, towels, balls etc. 

Cricket Cup- Men's Comp
The draw has been done and the 1st round needs to be played by the 3rd of July.
Draw Attached.

Change of Course layout
There has been a lot of talk about changing the course layout this year so we are going to give it a trial.
From the 1st of July to the 18th of July, we will be changing the course layout for all of our tournaments and scrambles.
We will put out signage and we will be able to print a card out with the changed holes on it.
Front Half
1                                    1
2                                    2
3                                    3
4                                    4
5                                    5
6                                    6
7                                   16
8                                   17
9                                   18
Back Half
10                                10
11                                 11
12                                15
13                                 7
14                                 8
15                                 9
16                                13
17                                14
18                                12

Please come out and try the course and tell us what you think.
Any Question please ask Matt or the Golf Committee. 

Results from last week- Colin Green
Women   -- stbfd   37  Sylvia Gooch
Men        -- Gross   77 Clinton Rowe
                     Nett     68 Ricky Neal
                     Stbfd  34    Ivan Smith
                                33 Bert Koopen
                                32    John Anderson
twos pool--- Sylvia Gooch  Rewa Hawira  John Anderson
hidden hole ---- Ivan Smith  Rewa Hawira  Richard Carnachan
                               Sylvia Gooch
 33    Alistair Waters
  32    Richard Woodward John Lynch
  29    Dave Herlihy  Sid Lim   Colin Green  Gerald Lane
 28    Bill Bain  Alan Goodwin  Kerry Jensen  Les Common
TUESDAY 17th of May --
Women- Stbfd.    28 Sylvia Gooch
Men        Gross    77 Clinton Rowe
                Nett        70 Ivan Smith
                Stbfd      32 Percy Kapa
Stbfd    37 Richard Woodward
             36   Murray Wallis  Ian Poole  Sid Lim
             34  Alan Goodwin
              33 Ross Murray  Roy Greenhalgh  Robin McGhie
Stbfd    34    Jill Morgan   -- also a (2)
              32   Thora Young
              28   Gina Howell  Shirley Lord
2  FINAL   Te Awamutu  V   Matamata  at
Result-- Matamata 5 / 4
Foursomes    Matt Schofield & Grant Tynan   ---  won  7/5
                        Rob Cox & Clinton Rowe  --- won  3/2
                        Liam McFarlane & Nic Ross   --- lost  3/2
Liam, Nic, Rob & Matt  --- Lost
                   Clinton & Grant  ---  Won
We congratulate Matamata on the win but feel for our Team who, after a
creditable run of wins in the early contests, unfortunately fell at the last
hole. We have every reason to be proud of their efforts for our Club, and hopefully
look forward to reversing the result next year.

Reminders and Course closures
4 Saturday Saturday Scramble
5 Sunday Sunday Scramble
6 Monday Monday Scramble
7 Tuesday Midwinter Midweek
8 Wednesday W.9 Hole R4 Raie Green
11 Saturday W.R4 L.G.u, R1 Strokeplay
12 Sunday CLUB DAY 5: R5 Newton and Railway Cup. R1 Club Championship Strokeplay
13 Monday Final Round Storey Rosebowl to be completed
15 Wednesday W.R4 L.G.u, R1 Strokeplay/9 Hole R4 Stableford/9 Hole R4 Stableford
17 Friday R4 Wills Cup @ Te Awamutu
18 SaturdayW.R2 Strokeplay, R3 Doris Walker Cup
19 Sunday Te Awamutu Open/ R2 Club Championship Strokeplay
22 Wednesday W.R2 Strokeplay, R3 Doris Walker Cup
24 FridayWills Cup West Zone @Te Awamutu 9.30am off tee 1,10 and 13
25 Saturday W.R3 Strokeplay, R2 Eunice Regan Jug
26 Sunday R3 Club Championship Strokeplay
29 Wednesday W.R3 Strokeplay, R2 Eunice Regan Jug
2 Saturday W.R2 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R1 Hillmer Trophy
6 Wednesday W.R2 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R1 Hillmer Trophy/9 Hole R5 Josie Pollard
9 Saturday W.R5 L.G.U, R4 Doris WalkerCup, R2 Hillmer Trophy
10 Sunday CLUB DAY 6: R6 Newton and Railway Cup. R1 Bertram Cup. Interclub with Riverside @ Te Awamutu
13 WednesdayW.R5 L.G.U, R4 Doris WalkerCup, R2 Hillmer Trophy/9 Hole R5 Raie Green
16 Saturday W.R3 Eunice Regan Jug, R3 Hillmer Trophy
17 SundayInterclub @Stewart Alexander Golf Club
20 Wednesday W.R3 Eunice Regan Jug, R3 Hillmer Trophy/9 Hole R5 Stableford
21 Thursday Waikato Eagles VS Te Awamutu Vets
23 Saturday W.R3 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R1 WKCLGA Slice
27 Wednesday W.R3 Ann Waters Rosebowl, R1 WKCLGA Slice
30 Saturday W.R2 WKCLGA Slice, R1 Harding Trophy(Putting)
Remember we have our Scrambles on
Tuesday- Midweek
Wednesday- $8 Scramble
Thursday- Vets
Saturday- $8 Scramble
Sunday- $8 Scramble
See you all out at the golf club. 

We have got this awesome facebook page.
We put pictures of the course,
Tournament winners,
Pennant results,
Tournament flyers,
Promote our course.
And any information we need to get out there e.g.. cancellations etc. 
We need you to like our page and post and share it.You can also put a review up of our course for others to see. Or get in contact with us via the Facebook Page by messaging us.
The more shares and likes we get, the more people will see our amazing golf course.
So follow this link and like our page and get sharing. 
Gener8 Te-Awamutu-Golf-Club Facebook

US PGA and LPGA Live at Gener8 Te Awamutu Golf Club
If you have been missing the golf, come to your golf club.
The heat pumps are on, coffee is hot and we are streaming the Golf.
Come and watch our kiwi's take down the world. 
Te Awamutu Golf Club
07 8715661
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