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Results from last week- Colin Green
Layout Trial
Have you lost something on the course??
Men's Club Champs
Message from our greenkeepers
Reminders for the week ahead
16th of July- 9 Hole Open

Results from last week- Colin Green
Women -- stbfd 35 Sylvia Gooch
Men -- gross 77 Clinton Rowe          
nett   70 Percy Kapa
stbfd 35 Richard Carnachan
         34 Mick McConnell  Les Common
twos pool --- Percy Kapa
hidden hole--  Clinton Rowe  Bert Koopen
STBFD 19  Robin Watson
              15 Cheryl MacGilloway
              14 Nan Poppe  Kathlyn Rose Linda McFall Ann Dobson
Mens P M Scramble
34 John Rhodes ( plus a (2)
32 Craig Meacham   Peter Kay
30 Bruce Webster
39 Ian Poole                           
37 Mick McConnell   Sid Lim                             
36 Alan Goodwin                              
32 Gerald Lane Percy Kapa Kerry Jensen Les Common Roy
Greenhalgh John Neilson

gross 76 Phil Englebrecht
nett 65 Gordon Kirkham
stbfd 37 James Tauroa  Robert Wetere                  
36 Noel Evans
twos pool --- Gordon Kirkham Aaron Donaldson John Mortland
SUNDAY  -- Gener8
Women gross 77 Jill Morgan 
nett  68 Toni Coleman  71 Ani Bahler 72 Pauline Chisholm
stbfd 40 Sylvia Gooch 38 Lynley webb  34 Gwenda Meeke
Men- div 1                       
gross  70 Jordan Woodhall  71 Clinton Rowe 74 Tyler Wood
74 Bodie Hodges
nett 64 Shane Rose 67 Allan Duncan 70 Chris Parker       
stbfd  40 Eddie Kay 38 Nic Ross 38 Phil Englebrecht
36 Wayne McMillan
Men-div 2
gross 81 Robert Wetere
nett    65 Phil Martin 67 Bruce Watkinson 68 Jim Kirkham
69 Greg Ward 69 John Webb  71 Mick McConnell              
stbfd  40 Ivan Riggir  39 Derek Hill 37 John Troutbeck
37 Joe Vause 35 Robert Mitchell
DIV 1 Nic Ross
DIV 2 Jeff Bowers              
-- women   Raewyn Coleman
DIV 1  Tyler Wood          
DIV 2 Derek Hill
women Jill Morgan
A well supported
and well organised tournament enjoyed by 108 starters. Due thanks to our greenkeepers
for the tidy presentation of our course, our sponsor > Gener8  <, to
the Golf Committee, and last but certainly not least, to our Manager, Matt who
maintains a keen  interest in our Club events and provides the necessary
input, when and where needed.

Layout Trial
July the 1st is the magicial date for the start of the trial of the new course layout 
In line with the new 1 to 18 hole layout will be played like this
Hole 1-   1
Hole 2-   2
Hole 3-   3
Hole 4-   4
Hole 5-   5
Hole 6-   6
Hole 7-   16
Hole 8-   17
Hole 9-    18
Hole 10-  10
Hole 11-  11
Hole 12-  15
Hole 13-   7
Hole 14-   8
Hole 15-   9 
Hole 16-   13
Hole 17-   14
Hole 18 -  12
So our new 18th will be our old 12 from the 1st of July to the 18th of July. 
We will have feed back forms in the club house from the 1st of July. 

Have you lost something on the course??
We have lots of lost propery,
We have it all lined up in the men's changing room for 2 weeks and then its all going in the rubbish or donated.
Come and get what is yours please. 

Men's Club Champs
Last rounds are this weekend.
If you haven't put 3 rounds in yet, come out and play your last round or two.
Remember it's 3 rounds and the round counts when you push the button, on the computer screen.
You have to choose which 3 rounds your are going to enter into club champs BEFORE you go out and before you print your card.
It is NOT 3 out of 6 rounds.
Enjoy the last weekend of play. 

Message from our greenkeepers
Hi Everyone,
Please help us keep the course looking good,
We would really like to see all the pitch marks repaired properly.
Remember when you repair them, push them down with your putter.
Repair your divots.
For everyone that drives carts, please drive away from the greens and around all the taped off area's.
Thanks everyone,
Brendon and Phil 

Reminders for the week ahead
We have Wills cup here on Friday. The course is open from around midday.
Club champs are this weekend as well as our Saturday and Sunday Scrambles.
Next week, we have 2 functions on Monday and Wednesday in the club house.
Next weekend is our first weekend with our trial layout.
Come out and play, we look forward to seeing you all out here.

16th of July- 9 Hole Open
Do you know any 9 Hole Members?
Please let them know to book in to our 9 hole open on the 16th of July.
Tee off is 12pm Saturday.
Poster Attached 
Te Awamutu Golf Club
07 8715661
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